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Sometimes I really wonder…like do people just really think I’m some immature person who feels absolutely nothing because I’m very nice and bubbly. Like I’m seriously crying right now because I feel so disrespected by almost everyone, like I get tired too, I have emotions too, just because I’m a typically happy person doesn’t mean I don’t feel hurt with the shitty way that people talk to me and disrespect me. And it’s just really sad because I joke yea but I’m actually so nice to the people here and I’m trying so hard and all I get is SHIT treatment! Like I don’t think I deserve this..please don’t try to figure me out and think I’m a really shallow person when in reality I’ve gone through more shit in my lifetime than all of these people put together. I am seriously crying in bed right now as I type this…it just really hurts the way people count me out thinking I’m some shallow little girl.

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How is it you look and notice my snapchats yet you can’t even respond to I don’t wanna see deperate, but I know you look and you notice. Ugh. I can’t handle this right now. I am too tired..

Well on the bright side of things, the sinakulo is finally done and over with, I praise and thank God for the success, strength, courage and sufficient grace that I was able to be used by Him to once again remind people the greatest story ever told. And that he blessed me and my hearts desire with a visitor who was very excited to attend and to see it again in the future.

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I cannot deal. Like I want to just be me but its like you’re there. And I’m just like, can I please not. But I do anyways. Oh gosh. Do not even pls. I should not. But gah. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I like to torture myself and always choose the decisions and options that hurt me the most and it’s like, I know I shouldn’t because it will hurt me but I’m dumb and still continuously choose to do it. Okbaiii.

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Happy Friday Everyone :) #frapfriday #starbuxaddict #shamelessselfie #personal
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Okg. You’re like seriously getting on my last nerve bro! I know it’s something so small like me calling to shower first, but it’s the point and fact that I said it and you have no freaking care in the world.

You are so damn inconsiderate to everyone else, and I am so freaking sick and tired of it. No matter how much people try to correct you, you’re just stubborn as f#&$ I’m sorry for my language, but I’m seriously so freaking tired of this guy. It’s not even humanly possible anymore how he is…and it is so irritating idiotic people try to match us up, when NO WAY IN FREAKING HELL WOULD I EVER GO FOR SOMEONE WHO IS SO UNHYGENIC, INCONSIDEATE, STUBBORN, JUST PLAIN STUPID, AND IS SO FREAKING COCKY WHEN IN REALITY CAN’T DO SHIT. Again I’m sorry for the language, but I’m really just so pissed like I cannot handle. I am at an all time high level in stress, and this idiot isn’t helping. I mean didn’t your parents ever teach you anything in life or In the freaking world?! And then you’re trying to be a .. oh gosh! I pray for you because you need a lot of damn help.

OK..I’ve ranted. I’m done. Again, sorry for the language…I’m just really irritated.

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